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The team here at Holy Cross Services offers world-class solutions for commercial cleaning, Beachmere and broader Queensland communities.

The team here at Holy Cross Services offers world-class solutions for commercial cleaning, Beachmere and broader Queensland communities.

Holy Cross Services Ltd.

Holy Cross has been providing Queensland with industry-leading services for over 130-years. We have comprehensive experience in the cleaning needs of Queensland’s commercial and medical industries.

Founded in 1889 by Mother Mary Vincent Whitty of the Sisters of Mercy, our organisation embarked on a philanthropic mission to not only provide the community with world-class services but also aid the lives of the at-risk, underprivileged and para-able.

By partnering with our organisation, you are not only receiving some of the highest quality cleaning services available in Beachmere; you are also contributing to strengthening Beachmere’s community and improving the lives of those less fortunate.

Our organisation is built on a foundation of dignity, respect, integrity and compassion. This foundation is strengthened by our “Three Win Philosophy”:

Infection Control

Given recent events hygiene control is critical to ensuring a safe and sucre learning environment. Ensuring the effectiveness of environmental cleaning processes is essential to minimising infection control risks.

Holy Cross are experts in maintaining safe environments and through our comprehensive training programs, our team are trained professionals.

Using ATP monitoring, Holy Cross conduct regular audits to detect any opportunities to improve our service and ensure staff, patient and visitor safety.

Quality Monitoring

Utilising our cloud-based technology, we monitor and report on cleaning standards to ensure a consistently superior standard of service.

Compliance is made easy, with access to reports in real-time on cleaning activity across your facility, including;

– audit results & rectifications,

– cleaning requests (including response and rectification times)

Data collected is extremely useful to identify activity trends, assisting with forecasting and resource allocation.

Reduced Costs

With a highly skilled team of professionals, experts in procurement and logistics, project management, safety and process improvement, we can create value and generate efficiencies.

Armed with information, Holy Cross are able to allocate the right people, to the right place, at the right time to maximise efficiency and deliver greater value to our customers.

Our experienced and innovative team evaluate and source the most efficient equipment possible to achieve savings.

Changing the way you think about cleaning

With a strong focus on innovation, our team regularly meets with our suppliers, attending trade shows and forums across Australia to acquire new equipment and learn new practices, enhancing the service we offer, enabling us to deliver efficiencies and better value for our customers.

Nurturing a sustainable future

At Holy Cross, we strive for operational excellence and aim to do our part in protecting the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and provide cost effective sustainable solutions to our customers, our people and the community.

Holy Cross cleaning services Beachmere

Holy Cross Services offer a world-class cleaning service, Beachmere and greater Queensland communities providing flexible, customised cleaning arrangements for a broad range of industries.

Hospital Cleaning Beachmere

The team here at Holy Cross have over a century of experience providing specialised cleaning services for Queensland’s private and public hospitals and facilities.

Our highly trained and qualified staff offer complete solutions for hospital cleaning, ensuring that all standards for hygiene and sanitation are met or exceeded. We can provide a range of flexible options that can be tailored to meet your facilities unique requirements.

Contact one of our expert representatives today to arrange a consultation for your hospital or medical facility.

Aged care cleaning Beachmere

Beachmere aged care facilities and communities require cleaning services from trustworthy and reliable providers that care about the patients and residence as much as the faculty.

Holy Cross Services is an organisation who’s a core mission, and values align directly with the aged care industry. Our cleaning staff pass all police checks and government compliances and are dedicated to providing exemplary customer service.

Contact our friendly staff for more information about our diverse range of aged care cleaning packages.

Day clinics and surgeries cleaning Beachmere

Our team of dedicated professionals can be trusted to provide consistent, high-quality cleaning services for your day clinic or surgery. We can create a flexible solution tailor-fit to your businesses unique schedules.

We have experience across the medical and cosmetic industries, including:

No space is too big or small, and we can provide a range of service options that fall within your allocated cleaning budget.

Medical clinics and rooms cleaning Beachmere

Our cleaning protocols and practices ensure the highest standards of sanitation and disinfection are met or exceeded, and all that all care has been taken for the safety and well being of your patients and staff.

We are proud of our organisation’s historical partnership with Queensland’s medical community, and we look forward to providing world-class medical cleaning solutions in the coming century. Contact our medical cleaning experts today to arrange a consultation and a no-obligation free quote for your Beachmere medical service.

Join us on our mission to improve the lives of fellow Australians while receiving industry-leading cleaning services and contributing to a stronger, unified Beachmere community.

Radiology clinics cleaning Beachmere

Radiology clinics need to have access to a flexible cleaning service that can work around their fluctuating needs and demands, with staff that understand the hazards and protocols of a radiology clinic and its complex technologies.

We can provide a specialised team that learn your facility front to back, ensuring your cleaning arrangements are customised to your unique facilities operations.

Send your enquiry via email to arrange a consultation with your clinic’s administrators or management.

Holy Cross Cleaning

Private and state school cleaning Beachmere

Commercial Cleaning Brisbane

Holy Cross has been a staple cleaning service in the Beachmere education sector for generations. All our staff are vetted to work in education and are covered by police checks and working with children certification.

We can create personalised solutions that meet your school’s schedules and break periods, including schools and learning centres with after-hours care services.

To find out more about our broad range of education sector cleaning solutions, call our helpdesk or contact us via email.

Medical business cleaning Beachmere

No matter if you have a dynamic medical practice or a small private office, we can provide tailor-made cleaning services shaped around your business’s specialised medical utilities and spaces.

Our organisation has evolved alongside the medical industry for over a century, and our staff receive world-class training and regular upskilling. By partnering with our organisation, your business’s financial contributions will also contribute to creating a stronger local community for your patients and staff.

Commercial business cleaning Beachmere

The expert cleaning team here at Holy Cross Services have the experience and capability to provide total solution cleaning services to a broad range of industries.

We can provide comprehensive cleaning solutions for all government and private organisations, and commercial enterprises, including, but not limited to:

Our staff are highly trained and are equipped with state of the art cleaning products and technologies.

Other Holy Cross Services

As well as our expert cleaning services, the team here at Holy Cross also offer a comprehensive range of services including:

To learn more about these world-class, industry-leading services, head back to our home page, or ask our friendly staff when enquiring about our cleaning solutions.

Holy Cross Services is a Mercy Ministry. For more information about our cleaning, food and laundry solutions, contact our staff today by emailing  [email protected] or calling (07) 3637 9299.

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