Holy Cross Services has a strong focus on Workplace Health and Safety. We see this responsibility as being applied not only to our employees but also all contractors and visitors attending the site.

Contractors / Visitor Information

When arriving on site all contractors and visitors should report to the Reception area where they will be met and directed to their intended point of call.

Please see our Workplace Health and Safety Policy.

Financial Information for Contractors/Suppliers

Holy Cross Services values our supplier and contractor relationships and as part of our commitment to improve the experience for our customers, partners and people, we have implemented a new financial management system.

The new automated invoice processing (via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology) requires each supplier and contractor to action the following when submitting an invoice:

  • Email all invoices in pdf format.
  • Include on all invoices the correct legal name, Holy Cross Services Ltd and ABN 33 163 260 204.
  • Do not enter two business names on invoices. For example: invoices to Holy Cross Laundry or Cleaning should be addressed to the main invoicing entity Holy Cross Services Ltd. The trading name such as Holy Cross Laundry and Holy Cross Cleaning can be entered into the delivery details.
  • Include the correct purchase order number relating to the invoice. Please note: Purchase Orders generated through the new system will have a standardised, prefixed numbering system based on the legal entity code. An example of the new Purchase Orders and layout can be found attached to this email.
  • Include bank account details on the invoice.

Please view Holy Cross Services Terms and Conditions of Contract for more information.

All enquiries should be sent to [email protected]

Thank you for your ongoing support. 

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