Food Service for Hospital

Holy Cross is an experienced team of essential service providers with skills relevant to various medical clinics and hospitals.

We offer a range of services including cleaning, laundry and food services pertinent to the medical fields. We also provide employment opportunities for Queensland’s underprivileged or those with para-abilities, which means working with HCS helps your company to give back to society. 

Our comprehensive range of food services are tailored to the needs of hospitals across the Brisbane, and broader Queensland community.

Food service for hospital requirements

We have many years of experience working in hospital environments and understand not only the regulatory requirements, but how to care for, and minimally disrupt patient activity. Our passionate and dedicated team works across many sectors and ensure the highest levels of satisfaction are achieved. We are well-trained in government legislative checks and control standards in medical facilities and will ensure the highest levels of safety and cleanliness.

This is particularly important when handling food in an area where people’s immune systems are already compromised. When dealing with food service in a medical or hospital facility where disease, germs and illness are present, particular care must be taken to ensure everyone’s safety, patient and staff member alike. We have many years of experience in doing exactly that.

The finest food services for hospitals Brisbane can offer

The HCL catering teams create opportunities for the disadvantaged or ambulant members of the Queensland community while providing a high level of service quality for our clients. We ensure that:

We work closely with all clients to ensure that the food service offering is tailored to a wide range of requirements. The needs of medical facilities and hospitals, in particular, are very specific, and we work hard to find an appropriate and cost-efficient solution for you.

Speak to us about our food service for hospitals today

The team here at Holy Cross Services can provide your management team with a comprehensive rundown of our extensive range of food service solutions via a free quote and assessment that has absolutely no-obligation. Support the members of the community in need while ensuring that your food service requirements are properly taken care of at the same time.

Email [email protected] or call (07) 3637 9299  to speak to the team at Holy Cross Services. We work hard to make the lives of those in need within our community better while caring for the medical sectors of Queensland. Let our experts work to find you the best solutions today.

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