Food Services Logan Village

The team here at Holy Cross has been offering specialised service solutions to Logan Village businesses and organisations for over 130-years.

We strive to supply world-class catering and food services, Logan Village and broader Queensland, and provide exemplary customer service to our clients.

By utilising our diverse range of food services, you are not only receiving industry-leading catering and foodservice solutions; you are also helping those in need within the Logan Village community.

When you partner with Holy Cross, your contributions help to provide skills, training, accreditation and employment opportunities to Logan Village’s under-privileged and para-able.

Our organisation was founded by Mother Mary Vincent Whitty of the Sisters of Mercy in 1889 and is built around a “Three Win Philosophy”:

Our clients win by being served with delicious, world-class catering and food services.

Those in need and the para-able win by gaining the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Logan Village wins by Holy Cross Services maintaining financial stability so we can continue our mission and work within the community.

Our organisation is built on a foundation of dignity, respect, integrity and compassion. Join us in helping those less fortunate reach their full potential, and create a brighter, more unified future for our Logan Village communities.

Holy Cross Food Services

The food and catering specialists here at The Good Cup Catering Services offer a diverse range of flexible catering solutions for businesses, organisations and private or public events.

Whether you are catering for an aged care community or arranging a large capacity private event, we can offer a range of delicious culinary options, be it small canapes and drinks after a presentation, or a lavish three-course dining experience.

Food service for hospital Logan Village

We provide flexible and comprehensive food services for Logan Village hospitals for both patients, staff and cafes. We can customise catering to any hospital’s unique daily requirements and have the scope to adjust your service as your catering needs fluctuate. 

Our stringent service protocols can ensure your food is personalised and all dietary requirements are closely monitored. We provide consistency of quality and presentation using fresh ingredients and a diverse range of food options.

Examples of hospital food services we can supply include, but is not limited to:

For a complete rundown of our hospital food solutions, contact one of our helpful account managers today.

Food service for aged care Logan Village

Our elderly citizens deserve the best in food and beverage services in later life. Our values align with the aged care industry, and our highly-trained, talented staff are proud to provide them with fresh, healthy, delicious meals.

We are dedicated to providing world-class food services to our senior care communities and essential services. We are fully equipped to meet all individuals health care requirements, and make customised changes as needed.

The catering staff here at Holy Cross can also provide special catering for celebrations and special occasions, helping Logan Village’s  elderly citizens live their very best in later life.

For a full rundown on our aged care sector food and catering services, contact our staff via phone email.

Catering for café shop Logan Village

If you run a café or hospitality business and want to streamline your food services with a wide variety of delicious food options, while maintaining consistency of product and presentation, then consider partnering with us here at Holy Cross Food Services.

We provide solutions for a vast array of culinary styles and flavours whether you are making burgers and chips, of offering boutique coffee and sumptuous lunches. 

From small back street cafes to bustling bistros in the CDB, we can tailor a service that is efficient and reliable, reducing your stress and overheads.

Contact our today to find out how our catering solutions can streamline your cafe or hospitality business's food requirements and services.

Corporate catering Logan Village

Whether you require daily catering for your staff or need to supply tasty food for corporate meetings and events, the team here at The Good Cup Catering can tailor fit a solution for your business or organisation.

We can supply simple but delicious food like gourmet coffee and tea, wraps and sandwiches, or we can provide full catering services and waiting staff for corporate events, with fine wine, canapes and hors d’oeuvres.

To see a full list of corporate catering options, or to learn more about our event catering solutions, call by phone, or send your enquiry via email, and one of our team members will respond promptly.


Private parties catering and events Logan Village

From small gatherings to lavish galas, our expert catering team can customise a hospitality solution that will entertain your crowds taste buds at any party or event. 

We can provide a range of food options, whether you require a stylised and regional catering solution, finger food, smorgasbords or professional table service. 

No event is too big or small, and we have the scope to customised solutions for all types of events, including:

  • Social gatherings
  • Birthdays
  • Celebrations
  • Business dinners
  • Weddings
  • Wakes
  • Religious gatherings
  • Fundraisers, events and expos
  • Government functions
  • Public events and more

Whether on private property or in a large capacity venue, our professional, world-class catering solutions can be tailor-fit to any event or circumstance. We strive to provide industry-leading food services and provide memorious customer service and professional presentation.

To learn more about our wide range of expert catering and food service options, or to receive a no-obligation free quote, contact our friendly catering team today.

Other Holy Cross Services

For over a century, the team here at Holy Cross has prided itself on offering a range of services that provide clients with world-class solutions and the under-privileged and para-abel with vital opportunities for personal growth and sustainable employment.

Alongside our expert catering and food services, our expert staff also offer a range of commercial laundry, hire linen and cleaning solutions.

Laundry services:


Aged care


Day surgeries

Cleaning services

Medical Clinic Cleaning Services

Hospital cleaning

Medical Facility Cleaning Services Brisbane

Aged care cleaning

Holy Cross Laundry

Day clinics and surgeries cleaning

Holy Cross Cleaning

Medical clinic and rooms cleaning

holy cross cleaning

Radiology clinic cleaning

Cleaning wall

Private and state school cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Brisbane

Medical business cleaning


Commercial business cleaning

Holy Cross Services is a Mercy Ministry. For more information about our wide range of professional services, or to arrange a consultation and a no-obligation free quote, contact one of our helpful staff today by emailing [email protected] or calling (07) 3637 9299.

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