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10 Signs It’s Time for a Professional School Cleaning Service


Schools in Australia! A bustling hub of activity, learning, and growth. We send our kids off to these institutions, expecting them to be safe havens. But, hold on a tick. What happens when they aren’t as clean as we’d hoped? Well, let’s dive deep into the signs that scream, “Hey! It’s high time for a professional clean-up, mate!”


Schools are more than just brick and mortar; they’re the very foundation of our nation’s future. Keeping them clean isn’t merely about aesthetics; it’s about health, safety, and creating an environment where young minds can thrive. Just like our beloved Aussie BBQ needs a good scrub every now and then, our schools too, following Australian school regulations, need a touch of cleanliness magic. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get into it.

1. Increased Sick Leaves Among Students and Staff

We’ve all been there, right? One day Johnny’s got the sniffles, the next, half the class is down with the flu. Now, isn’t that a right mess? A surge in sick leaves might be more than just an unlucky season. Harmful illnesses and bacteria can thrive in an unclean environment, making schools a petri dish for all sorts of nasties. It’s a sign, louder than an AC/DC concert, that professional cleaning might be overdue.

2. The Presence of Stubborn Stains and Marks

From markers to spillages, schools see it all. But when these stains become a permanent feature, it’s like having an unwanted guest who’s overstayed their welcome. Not only are these stubborn stains unsightly, but they can also be a breeding ground for germs. I mean, who wants their child’s school looking like a relic from a bygone era? Time to bring in the pros!

3. Overwhelming Odours and Unpleasant Smells

Ever walked into a room and thought, “Crikey, what’s that smell?” Unpleasant odours can be more than just a nuisance; they can signal deeper sanitation issues, perhaps even mould or mildew. No kid should have to learn in a place where the air smells funkier than a kangaroo’s pouch on a hot day!

4. Outdated Cleaning Methods and Equipment

If the school is still cleaning with tools and methods from the ‘90s, we’ve got a problem. Not only is it inefficient, but it’s also, well, a bit sad. Modern problems require modern solutions. Professional cleaning services come with top-of-the-line equipment and know-how. They’ll have the place looking spick and span in no time.

5. Persistent Allergens and Respiratory Issues

You know, there’s more floating around the school than just chalk dust. Pollens, dust mites, and other allergens can play havoc with a student’s health, causing all sorts of respiratory issues. If you’re hearing more sneesing than answering in class, it might be time for a deep clean.

6. Consistent Complaints from Parents and Guardians

Parents are like the school’s unofficial watchdogs. If they’re consistently raising eyebrows over the school’s cleanliness, it’s worth taking note. After all, their main concern is their child’s well-being. And let’s face it, no one wants their school’s reputation to be down in the dumps, right?

7. Deteriorating Fixtures and Furniture

Ever noticed a wobbly chair or a peeling desk? Neglected furniture isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a hazard waiting to happen. Regular school cleaning and maintenance can prevent wear and tear. So, before the school starts looking like a second-hand store, it’s probably wise to get the professionals in.

8. Overflowing Bins and Waste Management Issues

If the school’s bins are overflowing more than a fan at a footy final, you’ve got a genuine concern. Timely waste disposal is crucial for hygiene and safety. We wouldn’t want our kids navigating through a mini landfill, now would we?

9. Inefficient Use of Cleaning Staff Time

Cleaners are the unsung heroes of a school. But if they’re spending more time than they should on certain tasks, something’s fishy. Outsourcing to a team of specialised professionals can make all the difference. Let’s give our in-house heroes a helping hand!

10. Visible Layers of Dust on Surfaces and Corners

If you can write “clean me” on a desk or a window sill, that’s a dead giveaway. Dust isn’t just unsightly; it’s an asthma trigger. We’d want our kids to focus on their lessons, not the dust bunnies playing in the corner.


To sum it all up, schools are pillars of our community. They deserve the best, top-notch, no-holds-barred cleaning, worthy of their importance. A clean school isn’t just about looking good; it’s about safety, health, and creating a nurturing environment. So, for all the schools out there, if you’re seeing these signs, don’t dilly dally. Get on the blower and call in the pros!

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