Medical Clinic Cleaning Services

For the finest solution, Brisbane can offer those in the medical industry turn to Holy Cross Cleaning.

There is no room for error when it comes to the correct Medical Clinic, Medical centre and Medical facility Cleaning Services. For the finest solution, Brisbane can offer those in the medical industry turn to Holy Cross Services. Originally founded in 1889 by Mother Mary Vincent Whitty and her Sisters of Mercy, the company has grown to offer a team of highly professional medical cleaners made up of the disadvantaged members of the community for whom this opportunity at a career is life-changing.

Specialising in medical, surgical, health, aged care, radiology, school and commercial cleaning, our high-quality medical clinic cleaning, medical facility cleaning and medical centre cleaning services tick all of the regulatory boxes required when dealing with such sensitive areas. 

Medical Clinics and Medical Centres Cleaning Services

Our flexible delivery service offers a range of medical facility cleaning services tailored to the exact needs of your business and budget. We provide high-quality and timely service from a well-trained medical cleaning expert team with many years of experience.

We strive to create a personable working arrangement with every client while we empower our staff to develop to their full potential. Holy Cross services a range of companies in the medical sector and extends our offerings to provide laundry services and more.

Understanding the importance of a clean medical facility

Medical clinic cleaning or medical facility cleaning requires a more in-depth cleaning than that is other industries. As such, it is important to trust a company with previous experience in medical clinics and medical centre cleaning. 

Our clinic cleaning team has the necessary experience and clearances to perform a cleaning that aligns with your audit and regulatory requirements. From police checks to working with children permits, we ensure each staff member is fully covered and equipped with cutting-edge cleaning technology to ensure a safe and hygienic space. 

In-depth cleaning across Queensland’s medical community

Our years of experience and many varying clients has made us the experts in knowing exactly what is required for the correct medical clinics and rooms cleaning process. We are across all OH&S and medical-grade cleaning specifications, from hospitals to medical facilities.

Our team is on hand to assess your space and find the best solution for your needs, even if you are unsure of it yourself. We can help!

Let’s create a tailored clean for you

We’ll apply our industry-leading cleaning knowledge and solutions to craft Queensland’s finest medical clinics and medical facility cleaning process. You’ll also be helping to create life-changing opportunities for Queensland’s most disadvantaged community members in the process! 

The Holy Cross Cleaning team is contactable via email to  [email protected] or by calling (07) 3637 9299.

We’ll send a professional out to inspect the needs of your medical clinics and rooms for free, crafting a custom, no-obligation quote that covers all of your exact needs. We work efficiently and cost-effectively, creating minimal disruption to your operations. We’re here to support you! 

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