Supported Employment

Supported Employees Program

Since its establishment in 1889 by the Sisters of Mercy, Holy Cross Laundry has been providing employment and training for people who have been disadvantaged in the community.

In the 1970’s the laundry focused on the employment of people with an intellectual disability.  Our operational philosophy is based on the following:

Holy Cross Laundry’s workplace and structure are built around the delivery of our Mission. This is demonstrated by:

Support for our employees with a disability; their reporting lines are via our Human Services and Quality Systems Business Unit.

Specific attention is given to the design of our equipment, particularly in the new Banyo laundry to ensure that people with a disability, who may lack appropriate hand/eye coordination, are supported to meet production outcomes with equivalence to mainstream employees with whom they are working.

There seems to be a myth in industry that you cannot employ people with disabilities around heavy machinery because of Workplace Health and Safety concerns. Our experience at Holy Cross Laundry is this is a misconception. Properly designed workplaces that seek solutions can in fact incorporate machinery which reduces risk of workplace injury for all employees. These same strategies provide support rather than presenting danger to people with a disability.

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