Australian Standards

We will always act in a professional manner, supplying highly trained staff that have been upskilled to our rigorous quality control practices.

Holy Cross Laundry Services high level of quality across all sectors, including professional laundry and cleaning solutions, aim to satisfy all Australian standards for health and safety. We provide our customers with peace of mind in knowing that along with creating employment and skills training opportunities for the underprivileged, all regulatory requirements will also be met.

We are well-aware of the fact that the sectors we operate within are heavily audited, we work closely with clients to ensure the minimum expectation for Australian standards of cleaning and health are met.

Meeting the Australian standards of all sectors

We will always act in a professional manner, supplying highly trained staff that have been upskilled to our rigorous quality control practices. From our commercial cleaning solutions to operations with a medical facility, we provide the following regulatory compliance inclusions:

Our team are trained in emergency and safety procedures, with safety as a first priority. Our employees are constantly updated on equipment, chemicals and cleaning products, various technologies and tools, and any other relevant training methods required.

Customised training for your workplace

As we develop in-depth relationships with each of our clients, we work hard to ensure that any workplace-specific Australian standards are met with on-the-job training. We ensure that each of our team members works as an extension of your policies and processes.

We design the services that are supplied to your organisation in such a way that any of your audit or compliance measures that may involve HCL staff are satisfied. We are happy to adapt this as necessary and work hard to foster open lines of communication with every customer. It is a big part of how our organisation has grown.

Complete trust with Holy Cross Services

It is very important to foster a symbiotic relationship with every client so that the heavily regulated industries in which we work can be stress-free. We, under no circumstances, accept a compliance breach from any of our staff. HCS work hard to keep the vision founded by Mother Mary Vincent Whitty over a century ago alive and well in our operations.

Holy Cross Laundry provides an in-depth consultation to discuss this with every client along with a no-obligation free quote for your service needs. Send us an email at [email protected] or call today (07) 3637 9299. Holy Cross Services Ltd. is a Mercy Ministry that will provide a cost-efficient solution for your business or personal operations. 

If you have specific regulatory audit requirements, we are more than happy to discuss a customised process and policy for how our team will operate in your location. Talk to us about how we can help you today, and together we can build a better community.

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