Hospital Laundry

We are providing reliable Linen and Laundry services to Queensland hospital Community throughout the modern age!

For over 130-years the team here at Holy Cross Services has been providing expert services for hire linen, hospital laundry and hospitality laundry services, Brisbane and greater Queensland with a difference.

Holy Cross Laundry, founded in 1889 by Mother Mary Vincent Whitty of the Sisters of Mercy, embarked a mission to provide not only a world-class hospital laundry and linen services but also a place where the underprivileged, at-risk and para-able could receive valuable skills training, accreditation and employment.

This mission was designed to create a symbiotic relationship between the Holy Cross series, clients and employees to provide reliable, high-quality services while helping people in need reach their full potential, creating a positive echo throughout the community.

Our hospitality laundry services continue to grow well over a century later, giving us unmatched experience in the hospital hire linen and laundry solutions, and we will continue to improve and expand our services into the 2020s.

Hospital Laundry Queensland

Reliable linen and hospital laundry services have always been vital in maintaining a clean, sanitary and functional hospital. 

Without consistency in quality and delivery, both patients and staff alike run the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria, contaminants and cross infections from hazardous materials and disease.

The team here at Holy Cross Services has been evolving its services with the Queensland hospital community throughout the modern age. It has a firm understanding of the challenges and operations that benefit from a world-class healthcare and hospital laundry and linen hire service.

Benefits of Partnering with Holy Cross Services

By partnering with Holy Cross Services for your hire linen and laundry requirements, you are not only receiving over a century of experience in the industry but also helping to strengthen the Queensland community by providing training and employment opportunities for the Queensland underprivileged and para-able community.

Our organisation is built on a foundation of dignity, respect, integrity, compassion, and our “Three Win Philosophy”:

Our clients win by receiving world-class service.

The disadvantaged and para-able win by receiving equal opportunities for growth, training and employment.

The community wins by continuing financial stability to continue its essential work.

Join us on our mission and feel good about your contribution while also receiving industry-leading, linen-hire and hospital laundry services.

Effective Hospitality Laundry Solutions

The importance of hospital laundry and linen sanitation cannot be underestimated. It is of equal importance to both patients and hospital staff that the products they are using are completely free from germs and bacteria to prevent primary or cross-contamination. We also provide laundry services for aged care facilities throughout various regions of Queensland.

Our tried and tested systems ensure all linen and laundered items are free from:

A hospital requires laundry services that are flexible, trustworthy and punctual in performing optimally, don’t risk second rate laundry and risk the cross-infection and OH&S of your staff.

The team here at Holy Cross Services are dedicated to providing the highest quality service that falls within your allocated budget and can be customised to your hospital’s unique laundry and hire-linen requirements.

Our staff are committed to supplying industry-leading product quality that:

  • Meets or exceeds all Australian infection control standards.
  • Meets or exceeds all processing specifications of Australian legislative authorities.
  • Supports high-levels of customised service for our client’s unique requirements.
  • Enables financial stability for Holy Cross to continue its high-standards and community mission.

Our staff receive the highest level of training and qualifications and are provided continuously with upskilled training to ensure our solutions remain at a world-class standard.

Examples of linen and hospital laundry products and solutions we can supply include:

For a comprehensive rundown of all our products and hospital laundry solutions, contact one of our knowledgeable consultants today via phone or email.

Product guarantees and protections

As well as meeting or exceeding all Australian standards for sanitation and product quality, our clients can have peace of mind knowing that we have strict risk assessment protocols in place to protect their interests.

On receiving a no-obligation free quotation, our clients and potential clients will also be provided with:

  • A full package of insurance options.

  • Plant redundancy provisions in the event of unavoidable production shutdowns.

  • Quality management system documentation.

  • Laundry monitoring programs and processes.

  • Risk management and OH&S protocols.

We have been at the forefront of linen hire and hospital laundry, Brisbane and greater Queensland since the 1800s and we will continue to remain an example of excellence in the field into the future.

Product quality

Our service is based around an operational model that guarantees total sanitation and consistency of product quality. Our clients can count on efficient and reliable times for all pickups and deliveries.

By utilising our advanced hospital laundry solutions, our clients can be assured that:

  • Their clients, patients and residents are using products that are strictly monitored for disinfection and presentation.
  • Our process records are accurate and available on request.
  • All government and client regulations and specifications are met or exceeded.

Speak to our expert consultants for a full rundown of our processes and capabilities.

Holy Cross Laundry Services

For more information about our wide range of world-class hospital laundry solutions, contact our experienced consultants. Send your enquiry via email, and one of our staff will contact you promptly, or at a prefered time of your convenience.

Holy Cross Services is a Mercy Ministry. For all enquiries, or to receive a free quote for our laundry solutions today by emailing

[email protected] or calling (07) 3637 9299

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