School Cleaning Services

Our expert cleaners ensure that learning facilities are clean and hygienic using only the most comprehensive cleaning solutions available.

High-quality cleaning ensures the protection of all who utilise the space in question. For private and state schools cleaning, the safety of students and faculty cannot be compromised. For this reason, the finest school cleaning services in Brisbane can be found at Holy Cross Cleaning, a team with years of specialised private and state schools cleaning experience.

Founded in 1889 by Mother Mary Vincent Whitty and her Sisters of Mercy, our team comes from a diverse background promoting a unique work environment that empowers the disadvantaged members of the community to develop to their full potential. We do this by hiring and training those who need support, ensuring their skills are refined to be able to offer some of the finest private and state schools cleaning available.

Private and state school cleaning services

Our expert school cleaners ensure that learning facilities are clean and hygienic using only the most comprehensive school cleaning solutions available. Be it daily attention or weekly spot cleans, our expert cleaning team can support the following educational facilities:

State and private primary and high schools


Child-care facilities

College and university campuses

Private educational institutes

We customise our cleaning solutions to every institution and offer a free quote specific for your needs to help you understand what will be involved in your cleaning process and the associated cost. 

We offer cleaning services for medical facilities, and commercial properties throughout the Queensland region.

Why choose Holy Cross Cleaning?

Our previous experience with private and state school cleaning saves you time. We are well-versed in how to identify and clean all areas, including bathrooms, breakrooms, classrooms and training rooms while also covering smaller requirements like doorknobs, faucets, and phones. 

We work to create a safe, healthy environment, limiting the spread of disease and ensuring that your students have access to a clean environment, keeping parents happy and above all, your people safe. We understand that your students are your responsibility during school hours, and we hard to help you keep them safe. We can also operate in a minimally disruptive manner to ensure your classes are not interrupted.

Let us create a customised quote for you today

Our industry-leading cleaning solutions offer a dual benefit as you will be supporting some of Queensland’s most disadvantaged members of the community with employment opportunities at the same time. 

The Holy Cross Cleaning professional cleaning team provide equal opportunities for those who need it the most while also supplying high-quality essential services for private and state schools cleaning. Those educational facilities in Southeastern Queensland areas in need of a quality cleaning plan can speak to our team today. 

Simply contact our team members today for a free quote by emailing [email protected] or calling (07) 3637 9299 .

We’ll supply the relevant information and visit your facility to see which of our quality school cleaning services will be of benefit to you, helping you devise a cleaning process you can rely on. 

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