Our Mission

Our Mission

Since the establishment of Holy Cross Laundry in 1889 by the Sisters of Mercy our Mission to provide those who often locked out of employment due to disability and difference gain meaningful employment has remained unchanged, and continues to define our purpose and who we are.

Our Mission is to provide supported and inclusive employment opportunities to all through the delivery of integrated services.

We fulfill our Mission by committing to:

Our Values

Our Values of Dignity, Respect, Integrity and Compassion guide our daily interactions and the culture of our workplace. Our values are reflected and visible in all that we do.


by recognising and accepting each person


by treating people equally and fairly


by acting justly and working honestly


by being friendly and caring

Community Contribution

By engaging the services of Holy Cross Services, our clients recognise and appreciate that in addition to receiving a high quality laundry linen service, they are significantly contributing to support the community that they too serve.

Our logo provides a broad understanding of our heritage, mission and operational philosophy. We have designed it to be a reflection of our commitment to quality, service, community and our history.

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