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With Over a Century of Experience in the Professional Laundry and Linen Hire Industry!

The team here at Holy Cross Services have been providing high-quality, professional laundry and hire linen services for the aged and personal care, commercial and medical industries for over 130-years.

Holy Cross Laundry was established in 1889 by Mother Mary Vincent Whitty of the Sisters of Mercy

The organisation is statement is the same today as it was over a century ago:

Our foundations are supported by our “Three Win Philosophy”:

Clients win by receiving affordable, reliable, high-quality products and services.

A win for supported employees living with a disability by being offered valuable skills and training in an integrated working environment.

A win for the organisation achieving financial sustainability to continue operating in a profit for purpose capacity.

With over a century of experience in the professional laundry and linen hire industry, you can be assured you are receiving the very best laundry services, Brisbane and broader Queensland.

Hospital Laundry Queensland

Sanitary linen is a constantly revolving critical utility in every hospital in Queensland. It is an essential component for keeping both the staff and patients protected from germs, bacteria and harmful contaminants daily.

The team here at Holy Cross Services are dedicated to providing a flexible, reliable, high-quality hire linen and laundry service to hospitals, critical care and other healthcare facilities around Brisbane and the state of Queensland.

The benefits of considering us as a primary service for your hospital linen requirements include:

By choosing our services, you are also making a commitment to improving the lives of others and creating high-quality skill development and employment opportunities for those in need.

Examples of linen and laundry services we can provide for hospitals include, but is not limited to:

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Scrubs and Uniforms

Holy Cross Laundry

Bedding and Furniture Covers​

Hospital Laundry Services

Mats and Floor Covers​

Holy Cross Laundry

Towels, Cloths, and Cleaning Linen ​

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Miscellaneous Linen Products​

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To learn more about our comprehensive hospital hire linen and laundry services, contact our friendly staff via phone or email.

Aged Care Laundry Queensland

Aged care facilities provide a vital community service by taking care of our elderly citizens and providing them with respect, care and dignity in their later life. 

Part of providing them with the quality of comfort they deserve includes a trustworthy, reliable, high-quality linen and aged care laundry service.

Examples of laundry and hire-linen services thank the aged care sector may benefit from include:

The team here at Holy Cross Services are proud to offer our expert service and play our part in honouring our senior citizens in their older years.

Contact our expert team of aged care linen professionals to arrange a consultation and a no-obligation free quote.

Ensuring health and safety with laundry services

Our laundry service team specialise in linen and garment laundry services ensuring high standards of infection control. We provide laundered services for hospital requirements and medical garments with best practices and certifications to meet the Australian ISO 4146 standards.

Our staff have been comprehensively assessed to guarantee the finest laundering processes for clothing, workwear, linen, drapes, disposable products, and more. No matter what areas of healthcare your business operates within, we can handle your laundry. From maternity services to palliative and emergency care, we can handle laundry, cleaning and more with sterility assurance. We’ll handle every step of the process inclusive of the collection, laundering and return throughout a range of care facilities.

Holy Cross Laundry

We provide cleaning for a range of workwear with efficient solutions for a range of sectors including manufacturing, construction and industrial environments. We can clean a comprehensive range of workwear, caring for individual garments and bulk loads, reducing laundering costs for our clients.

From standard hospital-grade cleaning to retail and food industry requirements, the Holy Cross teams are leaders in quality and durability. We provide an extensive range of cleaning services capable of processing sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, napkins and tablecloths. All textiles are taken care of with our high-quality cleaning materials, particularly well-suited to aged-care management. Our services meet all commercial needs, making sure you get the correct volume of clean for your business.

Our comprehensive range of services offers industrial clean for the areas that get really dirty. This can include mats and floor care accessories, maintaining a clean, hygienic and safe workplace removing dirt and other contaminants. Our team easily handles temporary flooring covers that can lead to mildew and germ growth, creating a high-risk of slips and falls. 

Speak to us for all of your laundry services needs today

Join the many clients who  take advantage of our services which provide industry-leading laundry solutions. 

The Holy Cross Laundry service is well suited to the hospitality industry and capable of creating a solution for your business while creating equal opportunities for those in need. Our high-quality essential services will benefit both your business and the community, and our proven track record speaks for itself. 

We’ve become one of the highest-quality suppliers of laundry services in Brisbane caring for businesses of across Southeastern Queensland. Get a free quote for our laundry solutions today by emailing [email protected] or calling (07) 3637 9299 for all the relevant information.

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