Aged Care Cleaning Services

We understand that aged care centres have specific standards to meet to keep the families of the residents happy while also meeting regulatory standards.

For high-quality aged care cleaning services in Brisbane, Holy Cross Services offers a range of highly-trained and professional cleaners that you can trust. Our aged care cleaning staff will work hard to provide the highest levels of cleanliness, and your organisation will be supporting the disadvantaged members of the community at the same time.

Trust the Aged Care Cleaning Professional

We place great importance on the health and wellbeing of your residents and know that germs can spread quickly if your areas are not adequately maintained. Bacteria and viruses can spread rapidly, causing severe health problems, and our team works hard to prevent that.

We understand that aged care centres have specific standards to meet to keep the families of the residents happy while also meeting Australian regulatory standards

Maintaining the health and safety standards of the Federal And State Government

Our aged care cleaning services are in compliance with the Quality and Safety Commission, as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

The adherence to Aged Care Quality Standards in terms of health, comfort and safety is our top priority for your residents, and we work hard to uphold your organisation’s reputation.

All of our cleaners have:

Valid Police check and VEVO checks

Standard Operating Procedures

Safe Work training

Onsite Induction and Training

Establish a safe environment with our help

The sanitation of elderly residential facilities is crucial to the health of your residents, which is why you need a dependable aged care cleaning team.

We know that the elderly are often more susceptible to viruses and diseases due to weaker immune systems which is why we provide a clean environment to prevent adverse health conditions spread through cross-contamination. Our team will ensure that your space is always at the highest level of clean.

The benefits of working with HCL

Our aged care cleaners are trained to provide a thorough clean, every time. We can service all areas, from bathrooms to common areas and will ensure doorknobs, faucets, and even the phones used by your staff are in tip-top shape. 

Our industry-leading cleaning solutions also create a life-changing opportunity for some of Queensland’s most disadvantaged who make up our staff. These members of the community receive full support and employment with thanks to you. We provide cleaning solutions for day clinics and surgeries in various areas of Queensland.

Speak to our cleaning professionals about your aged care cleaning needs today

The Holy Cross Services professional cleaning team provide an in-depth cleaning for your aged care facility along with equal opportunities for members of our community that are in need. Our high-quality work is used across a range of businesses in Southeastern Queensland who know that for the highest level of cleaning, you turn to HCL. 

Email us at Email us at [email protected] or call (07) 3637 9299, and we will provide a free examination of your needs and a quote for our quality cleaning services. Let’s make your space safe!

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