A range of commercial enterprises, medical and care industries can take advantage of our expert cleaning professionals for a range of cleaning requirements.

When it comes to high-quality cleaning services in Brisbane, you can ensure a professional clean whilst supporting our mission in providing inclusive employment opportunities through the delivery of integrated services.

Founded in 1889 by Mother Mary Vincent Whitty and her Sisters of Mercy, our professional cleaners offer cleaning services for commercial hire specialising in medical, surgical, health and aged care organisations. 

We are committed to providing a high-quality product, which offers the following benefits:

Infection Control

Given recent events hygiene control is critical to ensuring a safe and sucre learning environment. Ensuring the effectiveness of environmental cleaning processes is essential to minimising infection control risks.

Holy Cross are experts in maintaining safe environments and through our comprehensive training programs, our team are trained professionals.

Using ATP monitoring, Holy Cross conduct regular audits to detect any opportunities to improve our service and ensure staff, patient and visitor safety.

Quality Monitoring

Utilising our cloud-based technology, we monitor and report on cleaning standards to ensure a consistently superior standard of service.

Compliance is made easy, with access to reports in real-time on cleaning activity across your facility, including;

– audit results & rectifications,

– cleaning requests (including response and rectification times)

Data collected is extremely useful to identify activity trends, assisting with forecasting and resource allocation.

Reduced Costs

With a highly skilled team of professionals, experts in procurement and logistics, project management, safety and process improvement, we can create value and generate efficiencies.

Armed with information, Holy Cross are able to allocate the right people, to the right place, at the right time to maximise efficiency and deliver greater value to our customers.

Our experienced and innovative team evaluate and source the most efficient equipment possible to achieve savings.

Changing the way you think about cleaning

With a strong focus on innovation, our team regularly meets with our suppliers, attending trade shows and forums across Australia to acquire new equipment and learn new practices, enhancing the service we offer, enabling us to deliver efficiencies and better value for our customers.

Nurturing a sustainable future

At Holy Cross, we strive for operational excellence and aim to do our part in protecting the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and provide cost effective sustainable solutions to our customers, our people and the community.

Dignity, respect, integrity and compassion

Holy Cross ensures high-quality cleaning services while also providing the disadvantaged with practical skills, training and employment to support their participation in the community. We employ cleaning services staff across healthcare, food, childcare and administration facilities throughout Queensland. 

Years of experience in the cleaning and laundry industries

Our team comes from a diverse background giving us a unique advantage in terms of strategy and vision. The makes it easy for us to provide each customer with the following service benefits:

While we promote a unique work environment that empowers people to develop to their full potential, our primary focus is meeting our customer’s needs. We do this by conducting our cleaning services professionally and efficiently in the markets we serve. 

It is our goal to ensure that while we grow our business across new and exciting sectors, we also maintain the values which create more significant employment opportunities to the broader community.

Cleaning services we offer

With years of experience, our teams are expert cleaners across a range of industries and requirements; these include:

We also offer:

Holy Cross Laundry

Laundry services


Food Service


Food Service for Hospital


Food Service for Aged Care


Catering for Cafe


Corporate and Private Parties Catering

A complete range of commercial cleaning solutions

A range of commercial enterprises, medical and care industries can take advantage of our expert cleaning professionals for a range of cleaning requirements. Essential cleaning maintenance, sanitisation and specialised facilities are just some of the services we can customise to your exact needs.

We ensure that our teams are highly trained with the correct clearances inclusive of police checks and working with children permits. On top of this, we are constantly upskilling our team to improve our levels of performance for all clients. All relevant government regulations, OH&S compliances and safety requirements are adhered to and given high priority.

Our cleaning solutions are customised to your space and needs. Feel free to speak to one of our friendly staff to obtain a free quote specific for your needs.

Hospital cleaning services

We understand the immense importance of a clean medical area which is why our highly trained team of cleaning experts are the right fit for any hospital or medical facility. Well-versed in all OH&S and medical-grade cleaning specifications, our team can clean patient rooms, operating theatres, office areas and foyers providing a complete and in-depth medical cleaning service. 

Holy Cross Cleaning

Private and state school cleaning services

We take pride in ensuring learning facilities are clean and hygienic with comprehensive cleaning solutions. Whether your facility requires daily attention or weekly spot cleans, we have the capacity. Our expert cleaning team provide industry-leading cleaning for educational facilities, including:

  • State and private primary and high schools
  • Kindergartens 
  • Child-care facilities
  • College and university campuses
  • Private educational institutes

Commercial business cleaning services

For one of the finest commercial cleaning services, Brisbane can offer, speak to our experts today. We cover a broad spectrum of industries and are able to tailor a specialised keen to your needs, inclusive of:

The benefits of HCL cleaning

Avoid the struggle of a virus is spreading from employee to employee in your workplace with a thorough clean to ward off the spread of disease. We can service all shared areas, including bathrooms, breakrooms, and training rooms while also covering areas forgotten about like desktops, doorknobs, faucets, and phones. 

If you want to provide your employees and clients with a safe, healthy environment, allow us to remove all harmful contaminants and limit the spread of disease. The image you project to customers is crucial, and good business “housekeeping” includes a thorough regular clean of your space.

Your employees will respond in a positive way to a cleaner environment, keeping morale high. Let us help you create happier employees to elevate and grow your business today. 

Call our friendly team of cleaning professionals today

Our services provide industry-leading cleaning solutions while also creating a significant and life-changing opportunity for some of Queensland’s most disadvantaged members of the community. 

The Holy Cross Services professional cleaning, hospitality and linen solutions provide equal opportunities for those who wish to reach their full potential. Our high-quality essential services benefit them and the businesses of Southeastern Queensland who receive the highest levels of cleaning available. 

Speak to one of our friendly team members today for a free quote and all the necessary information about our extensive range of cleaning solutions. You can send us an email at [email protected] or calling (07) 3637 9299 for all the relevant information.

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