General Employment

Our people are our most valued assets. Even our ownership of the best state-of-the-art equipment available to our industry comes second to the importance of the role our staff plays in the delivery of high quality commercial linen laundry services. Our workforce is like our family and every member plays a vital role in our success and also our clients’ success.

Holy Cross Services provides employment and training in a wide range of activities. These include:


Truck drivers

Machinery maintenance and repair

Laundry workers

Employees at a number of clients’ sites distributing our products

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, our Mission Statement is a living document in all aspect of our business.  We care for our employees’ health and well being and personal development.

The majority of our employees’ terms and conditions are set out under our Enterprise Agreement (AE888754) and the remainder of our employees are employed under contract. As an ATO registered Public Benevolent Institution all eligible employees are able to take advantage of tax concessions available to them.

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