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8 Signs Your Aged Care Facility Needs a Professional Cleaning Service


When we think of our elders spending their golden years in an aged care facility, it’s natural to picture a haven of cleanliness and safety. After all, in a country like Australia, where the aged care industry is booming, maintaining pristine environments for residents is paramount. However, if you’re an administrator or a concerned family member, how can you be certain the facility is as clean as it should be?

Let’s dive deep into the telltale signs that scream, “Time to call in the pros!”

Visible Build-Up of Dust and Dirt:

Who’d want their grandparents living amidst dust bunnies? If you’re spotting layers of dust accumulation or dirt in corners, it’s more than just an eyesore. For the elderly, this can be a health nightmare. Dust is notorious for exacerbating respiratory issues, especially in older individuals. So, if the window sills feel gritty or if there’s a thick layer on the bookshelves, it’s a clear shoutout: “Get professional cleaning, mate!”

Unpleasant Odours:

Walking into a room and being hit by an odd smell is no one’s cup of tea. Persistent, unexplained odours can be a major red flag. Often, these smells hint at underlying cleanliness issues, maybe even bacterial growth. And trust me, you don’t want to sweep this one under the rug.

Increased Illness Outbreaks Among Residents:

If residents are frequently coming down with sniffles, coughs, or worse, it might not just be due to their age. An uptick in illness could be a grim dance card indicating that germs and bacteria are having a field day. And remember, in aged care, health isn’t just about medicine. It’s a lot about cleanliness too.

Stained and Dirty Upholstery and Carpets:

Now, picture this: A visitor drops by and spots a stain on a chair or a grimy carpet path. Yikes, right? Clean furnishings aren’t just about aesthetics. Those dark patches could be breeding spots for germs. Besides, no one wants their loved one living amidst stained and unhygienic surroundings. It’s as they say, “If it looks dirty, it probably is.”

Complaints from Residents and Their Families:

Alright, here’s the thing: If residents or their families are piping up about cleanliness, don’t just brush it off. Their feedback is the mirror that reflects the facility’s hygiene. Consider it a nudge (or sometimes a shove) towards upping your cleaning game.

Infrequent Cleaning Routines:

Let’s be real, sticking a feather duster out once in a blue moon doesn’t count as cleaning. Aged care facilities in Australia have cleaning frequency standards for a reason. If your cleaning log looks as deserted as a pub with no beer, you’re in for trouble.

Lack of Proper Cleaning Equipment and Supplies:

Are the cleaning supplies in the facility reminiscent of a bygone era? In the world of cleanliness, especially in aged care, using the right tools is half the battle. Using outdated supplies is akin to going to a BBQ without the snags. Pointless and disappointing!

Inadequate Training of In-House Cleaning Staff:

Your cleaning staff might be lovely folks, but if they’re not trained up to the mark, they could be missing key areas or using the wrong cleaning agents. Remember, it’s not just about scrubbing away; it’s about scrubbing right.

In a Nutshell:

A clean aged care facility isn’t just about looking good; it’s about ensuring the health and safety of every resident. If these signs resonate with the state of your facility, don’t dilly-dally. Call in the professionals and uphold the high standards that every Australian aged care facility should aim for.

And remember, when it comes to cleanliness, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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