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The Differences between Regular Cleaning and Aged Care Cleaning Protocols



Cleanliness remains a cornerstone of a healthy environment. But not all cleaning protocols are cut from the same cloth. Let’s explore how standard cleaning measures stack up against specialised ones in the aged care setting.

1. Regular Cleaning: What Does it Entail?

a. Routine Maintenance

Every home has its rhythm. Daily tasks often involve a dance with the dusting cloth, sweeping up yesterday’s memories, or vacuuming away the day’s footprints. On the other hand, weekly ventures might see us battling with mops or wiping windows to let the sunshine in a bit brighter.

b. Cleaning Products

From lemony fresh to pine scents, the aisles of supermarkets are chock-a-block with products. They promise to cut through grease, combat limescale, and leave surfaces sparkling. But it’s essential to pick the right one for the task at hand, ensuring effectiveness and safety.

c. Frequency and Intensity

Most homes follow a cleaning rhythm – daily touch-ups with deeper cleaning sessions interspersed. The occasional spring cleaning serves to refresh and rejuvenate our living spaces.

2. Aged Care Cleaning: A Specialised Approach

a. Health-Focused Cleaning

When it comes to our elders, health remains at the forefront. It’s not just about tidying up; it’s a matter of wellbeing. Sanitisation and disinfection play starring roles, ensuring that environments remain safe and sound.

b. Tailored Cleaning Products

Imagine products that respect the sensitivities of older individuals, ones that steer clear of harsh chemicals. In aged care settings, the choice of cleaning agents isn’t merely about effectiveness; it’s about ensuring the comfort and health of residents.

c. Cleaning for Mobility and Accessibility

The hallmark of a well-cleaned aged care setting? Ease of movement. With many relying on mobility aids, clutter-free spaces are not just a desire; they’re a necessity. Plus, fixtures and furnishings must cater to specific needs, ensuring both comfort and safety.

3. Why Aged Care Cleaning is Different

a. Vulnerability to Illness

With age, battling the common cold or a nasty bug isn’t as straightforward. As the immune system becomes less robust, the stakes in maintaining a clean environment skyrocket. Aged care cleaning services need rigorous protocols, with the emphasis squarely on infection control.

b. Environmental Sensitivities

No one wants to play a game of “dodge the obstacle.” Especially not in places catering to the elderly. Keeping pathways clear, ensuring easily navigable spaces, and being mindful of potential hazards like wet floors are paramount.

c. Unique Needs of the Elderly

Ever heard someone say, “It’s strong enough to knock your socks off!” when referring to cleaning agents? In an aged care setting, we don’t want that. Special attention is given to select products, ensuring they don’t trigger allergies or discomfort.

4. Best Practices

a. Regulations and Standards

Every establishment, especially those catering to specific groups, must adhere to guidelines and protocols. For facilities catering to the elderly, the emphasis goes beyond mere cleanliness, focusing intensely on health and wellbeing.

b. Local Innovations

From eco-friendly products to state-of-the-art cleaning tools, innovation is reshaping the landscape of aged care cleaning. Establishments now employ smarter methods, ensuring thoroughness without compromise on safety.

c. Inspirational Accounts

There are countless tales of establishments going above and beyond in their cleaning protocols. From using UV light for disinfection to integrating tech solutions for cleanliness tracking, the world of aged care cleaning is rich with stories of excellence.


From the simple act of sweeping up to the intricacies of aged care sanitisation, the spectrum of cleaning is vast. While regular cleaning keeps our spaces neat and tidy, the protocols in aged care environments are a whole different ball game. By understanding these differences and implementing best practices, establishments can offer not just a clean environment but a safe and nurturing one.

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