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The Impact of Linen Services on Hotel Reviews


Providing high-quality linen services is crucial for hotels looking to achieve positive reviews and build their reputation. From crisp sheets to fluffy towels, the condition of a hotel’s linens can make or break a guest’s experience. In a competitive hospitality industry, linen services have become a key differentiator that influences customer satisfaction and online ratings.

The Importance of Linen Services for Hotels

Linens are one of the most visible and tangible aspects of a hotel room. Clean bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases greatly impact the first impression when guests enter their room. No one wants to sleep on dirty or ragged linens. Likewise, plush towels in the bathroom are essential for a luxurious showering experience. When linens are old, discolored, or threadbare, it reflects poorly on the hotel’s attention to detail. This quickly leads to negative reviews mentioning the unacceptable state of bedding and towels.

Positive online ratings are hugely important for hotels relying on bookings from online travel sites. Recent surveys indicate over 90% of travellers read reviews before choosing a hotel. Given that cleanliness and bed comfort are top priorities for guests, poor linen quality can deter bookings and lower occupancy rates. By partnering with a reputable commercial laundry service, hotels can provide the highest quality linens between each guest stay. This ensures rooms look crisp and inviting for the next patrons.

How Linen Services Impact Hotel Ratings

In the modern age of online reviews, a hotel’s reputation hinges greatly on their linen quality and cleanliness provided by their laundry service. Some ways linen services influence a hotel’s online ratings include:

  • Bed Comfort: The bed is centerpiece of any hotel room. An uncomfortable mattress or subpar sheets quickly lead to negative reviews and low ratings for sleeping comfort.
  • Bathroom Experience: Plush, absorbent towels add to the luxury of a hotel bathroom. Reviews often cite rough or thin towels as a disappointment.
  • Allergens: For those with sensitive skin, residues from harsh detergents can trigger reactions. Hypoallergenic linens and effective washing prevent allergic responses.
  • Stains/Odors: Dingy or stained linens give the impression of an unclean room. Guests complain about odors from linens with embedded dirt or mildew.
  • Presentation: Neatly made beds and artfully folded towels boost perceived quality. Wrinkled, torn, or tattered linens look unappealing.

Amenities: Little touches like decorative pillows, robe, slippers and extra blankets improve ratings when laundered properly.

Clearly, the linen services provided behind the scenes have a sizeable impact on the front-stage guest experience at hotels.

Best Practices for Hotel Linen Services

To earn rave reviews from patrons, hotels must partner with a professional linen service that follows best practices, including:

  • Using commercial washers and dryers for thoroughly cleaned linens devoid of soils, odors and bacteria. Hotel-grade machines have greater capacity, faster cycles, and sanitise with high heat.
  • Employing quality laundry detergents and additives like bleach, softeners and extenders that dissolve soils, inhibit stains, kill germs, and prolong linen life.
  • Having trained staff that carefully inspect all laundered items and promptly replace any with tears, holes or irreversible stains.
  • Folding linens according to hotel specifications for the proper presentation.
  • Delivering fresh linens sealed in plastic to prevent contamination during transport and storage.
  • Maintaining detailed quality control documentation and implementing procedures that ensure consistently clean, damage-free linens.
  • Using eco-friendly washing methods to conserve water and energy whenever possible.

The Role of Linen Rentals

Many hotels opt to rent rather than purchase their linens. This allows capital otherwise spent on linens to be allocated towards other parts of hotel operations. It also removes the hassle of in-house laundry facilities.

Linen rental services provide several advantages:

  • Access to commercial-grade linens not feasible for hotels to own themselves. This includes large item pools allowing rapid replacement when necessary.
  • Cost savings from outsourcing laundry labor and maintenance expenses related to washers/dryers.
  • Latest laundry chemicals and equipment to thoroughly clean a high volume of linens after each use.
  • Ongoing linen replacement and replenishment so hotels always have sufficient stock on hand.
  • Consistent quality control of linens over time rather than gradual degradation with in-house washing.
  • Environmentally friendly practices such as reusing linens until they are no longer viable.

Why Choose Holy Cross Linen Services?

As a leading commercial laundry company serving Brisbane and the Gold Coast for over 130 years, Holy Cross Services has the expertise to elevate your hotel’s reputation through linen excellence. Our extensive experience with hospitality clients has allowed us to perfect linen cleaning, rental, and delivery programs that enhance both sustainability and the bottom line.

We utilise cutting-edge equipment and laundering techniques to expertly clean linens to a pristine, germ-free standard. Our team of laundry professionals handle your linens with care to minimise damage while providing gently washed linens with a luxurious feel. Holy Cross supplies many of the region’s top hotels with rental linens selected specifically for quality and longevity in a commercial operation.

Don’t let poor linen services detract from your hotel’s ratings. Trust Holy Cross to help your accommodation stand out through our exceptional linen cleaning, rentals and delivery services tailored to exceed your brand standards. We make it simple to provide guests with the impeccable linens they desire to have a first-rate hotel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common linen-related complaints in hotel reviews?

The most frequent linen complaints mention stains, odors, holes/tears, rough/scratchy fabric, and thin towels or bedding. Guests also criticise linen presentation and washed out colors.

How often should hotels change their linens?

Most hotels change all linens including sheets, duvet covers, and towels after every guest stay. Higher end hotels may change linens daily.

What is the average lifespan of hotel linens?

Bed linens usually last 1-2 years with commercial washing. Towels and washcloths may need replacing every 6-12 months.

What is the thread count for hotel sheets?

Luxury hotels often use sheets with a 250-500 thread count. More affordable hotels have sheets in the 180-250 range. High thread counts indicate softer, more durable sheets.

Should hotels use laundry in-house or hire an external linen service?

Most hotels hire external linen companies to benefit from their commercial equipment, linen expertise, and labor savings. But larger hotels may laundry in-house for greater control.

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