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What Are the Key Areas to Focus on in School Cleaning After the Holidays?


As students and teachers eagerly anticipate returning to school after a well-deserved break, the significance of returning to a clean and hygienic environment cannot be overstated. Schools, being bustling hubs of learning and activity, necessitate meticulous cleaning, especially after the holidays when they’ve been left dormant. This article delves into the essential areas that need attention to ensure a safe, welcoming, and conducive learning environment.

#1 Classroom Sanitisation

Classrooms, the core of educational activity, demand the most attention. Every surface, from desks to chairs, needs thorough cleaning and disinfection. Given that these surfaces are high-contact zones, they can harbor germs and bacteria. A comprehensive approach includes dusting, scrubbing with soap and water, followed by disinfecting sprays to eliminate any lingering germs​​.

#2 Library and Storage Areas

School libraries and storage cupboards, often filled with books and educational materials, are prone to dust accumulation. Regular dusting and organising of these areas are vital. It’s crucial to periodically remove books and other items for thorough cleaning, ensuring that these areas remain dust-free and well-maintained​​.

#3 Carpet and Floor Care

Floors and carpets in schools undergo immense wear and tear. Carpets, in particular, can trap more dirt than their weight, necessitating regular vacuuming with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. Hard surface floors should be scrubbed and recoated, particularly during winter, to maintain their condition and safety​​​​.

#4 Frequent Touchpoints

High-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, and handrails are notorious for spreading germs. Regular cleaning and disinfection of these touchpoints are essential to prevent the spread of illnesses. This includes using effective cleaning agents and disinfectants to ensure these areas remain germ-free​​​​.

#5 Restroom Hygiene

Bathrooms in schools are critical areas that require stringent cleaning protocols. This includes bleaching toilets and urinals, refilling soap and towel dispensers, and ensuring all surfaces are wiped down and disinfected. Regular cleaning and maintenance of these areas are crucial for health and hygiene​​.

#6 Staff and Administrative Areas

While often overlooked, staff rooms and administrative offices also require regular cleaning. This includes wiping down surfaces, cleaning electronic equipment like computers and keyboards, and ensuring communal areas like kitchens are hygienic. It’s essential to maintain these areas to the same standard as the rest of the school​​.

#7 General Maintenance

The holiday period offers an opportunity for general maintenance tasks that might be neglected during term time. This includes tasks like painting touch-ups, clearing blockages in sinks and toilets, and cleaning entryways. It’s an ideal time to tackle these tasks to ensure the school is in top condition for the return of students and staff​​.

#8 Hygiene Practices and Sanitisation Stations

Promoting good hygiene among students and staff is crucial. This can be achieved by installing sanitisation stations throughout the school, particularly in areas like canteens, corridors, and classrooms. These stations should be well-stocked with hand sanitisers and towels. Additionally, encouraging good practices like hand washing and cleaning up after oneself significantly contributes to maintaining a clean environment​​.

#9 Food and Beverage Areas

Kitchens, canteens, and any area where food is handled require special attention. These areas should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the spread of germs and to maintain food safety standards.

Outsourcing School Cleaning Services

For schools considering the most effective way to manage these extensive cleaning tasks, outsourcing to a professional cleaning service can be a wise choice. Professional cleaners bring expertise, efficiency, and thoroughness to the task, ensuring all areas of the school are adequately cleaned and maintained. This approach not only saves time and resources for the school but also guarantees a level of cleanliness that is hard to achieve with in-house resources. The benefits of outsourcing school cleaning services extend beyond mere cleanliness; they contribute to the overall health, safety, and well-being of the school community.

In conclusion, the key areas of focus in school cleaning post-holidays encompass a wide range of tasks and areas. From the minutiae of dusting books in the library to the broader task of maintaining restrooms and high-traffic areas, every aspect plays a crucial role in creating a safe and conducive learning environment. With the right approach and possibly the assistance of professional cleaning services, schools can ensure they are ready to welcome back their students and staff into a clean, safe, and inviting space.

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