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7 Areas in Schools That Require Specialised Cleaning Attention


In every school, maintaining a clean environment isn’t just about appearance; it’s about the health, well-being, and optimal functioning of students and staff alike. With countless areas frequented by students, each with its unique cleaning requirements, it’s essential to know which zones need a bit more care. We’ve identified seven such areas that demand a meticulous approach to school cleaning.

1. Classrooms and Learning Spaces

Student Desks and Chairs

Every day, students spend a good chunk of their time at their desks. Pens leak, lunches spill, and sneezes fly, making desks a hotspot for germs and stains. Regularly wiping them down with disinfectant ensures they remain safe spaces to work.

Blackboards and Interactive Boards

While they’re essential for teaching, they’re often overlooked during cleaning. Dust can accumulate, and marker stains can become permanent if not addressed in time. Cleaning these surfaces regularly ensures clear visibility and longevity.

Learning Aids

Items such as globes, models, and even the simple whiteboard markers, all need regular cleaning. It’s not just about hygiene; it’s about ensuring every tool works its best when teaching young minds.

2. School Toilets and Washrooms

Sanitation and hygiene take centre stage here.

Sanitation Measures

Considering the traffic these areas experience, it’s vital to keep them spotless. Regular checks, disinfection, and prompt repairs when things break down are non-negotiable.

Handwashing Stations

With health experts emphasising hand hygiene, these stations see a lot of use. Keeping them in tip-top shape, with soap dispensers filled and taps working perfectly, is essential.

Bathroom Stalls

Privacy and cleanliness go hand in hand. Ensuring that each stall is clean, well-stocked with toilet paper, and free of graffiti or damage creates a comfortable environment.

3. School Cafeterias and Canteens

Where there’s food, there’s a need for impeccable cleanliness.

Food Prep Areas

Any spot where food gets prepared must be cleaned thoroughly. It ensures food safety and helps prevent any unwanted guests like pests.

Eating Spaces

Tables, chairs, and counters where students sit and eat should be wiped down regularly to avoid cross-contamination and keep the area inviting.

Waste Disposal

Bins need to be emptied daily, and the area around them cleaned to ensure no food remnants attract pests or create odours.

4. Sports and Recreational Facilities

Active bodies lead to sweaty equipment and spaces.


Be it basketball courts or indoor badminton arenas, ensuring these spaces are free of dust and sweat is vital. Regular sweeping, mopping, and disinfection can do the trick.

Sports Equipment

From dumbbells to basketballs, every item must be wiped down after use to prevent the spread of germs.

Locker Rooms

Damp and dark, locker rooms can be a breeding ground for mould and mildew. Keeping them dry and clean is essential for student health.

5. School Laboratories

Experiments can be messy, and chemicals can be hazardous.

Chemical Storage

Ensuring that chemicals are stored correctly and any spills are cleaned immediately is vital for safety.

Lab Benches and Tables

These surfaces encounter various substances daily. Cleaning them ensures that there’s no cross-contamination between experiments.

Safety Gear

Lab coats, goggles, and other protective equipment need regular cleaning to ensure they provide the safety they’re meant to.

6. School Libraries and Resource Centres

Knowledge might be dust-free, but the carriers of knowledge aren’t.

Bookshelves and Reading Nooks

Regular dusting ensures that books remain in good condition and reading nooks stay inviting.

Computer Stations

Keyboards and screens can become dirty quite quickly. Regular cleaning ensures they remain functional and hygienic.

Cataloguing Areas

Keeping this area clean ensures the smooth operation of the library’s backend, ensuring books are available when students need them.

7. Playgrounds and Outdoor Areas

The great outdoors can bring a lot of dirt indoors if not maintained.

Swings and Benches

Regularly wiping down surfaces ensures they remain safe and inviting for students.

Sandpits and Outdoor Fields

Keeping them free of debris and litter ensures students have a safe space to play and relax during breaks.

Maintaining a pristine environment in a school isn’t child’s play. It requires dedication, attention to detail, and an understanding of the unique cleaning needs of various areas. And while every corner of the school is essential, the areas highlighted above require a bit more tender loving care.

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